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Discover the provocative Xtreet 250X

The new motorcycle Xtreet 250X of UM, it combines a rough attitude, a bold design, and a new and aggressive technology with a price that puts a new type of innovative motorcycle within reach of all. It contains all the force of an ultramodern motorcycle, full of adrenaline, innovative and economically attainable design. Rapid, sexy, sure, innovative. Chassis of tubular construction, back suspension monoshock and reversed forward, achieving a gravit center very under everything previous does a very stable motorcycle in curves, everything previous does a motorcycle with a totally sports DNA. This one is the profile of the new Xtreet 250X.
Awaken your passion

Intelligent technologies up, including mirrors of blind points (BSM), rims with sellante anti-prick (AFS), and an intelligent board they make the new Xtreet 250x the most attractive motorcycle of his class.
AFS (Anti – flat sealant)

Xtreet R tires are equipped with advanced Anti-Flat Sealant (AFS) which provides instantaneous damage repair should a tire puncture occur. AFS immediately seals holes so you can keep moving forward.
BSM (Blind spot Mirrors)

Blind Spot Mirrors (BSM) expand your view to help you detect vehicles traveling in your blind spot. This extra range of visibility keeps you aware of your surroundings and allows you to change lanes with confidence.
Best performance

The New Xtreet 250X, comes with a powerful engine which has improvements of performance in power, consumption and final speed since we have improved several components that allow him to reach speeds of up to 35 %* mas, 15 %* of less consumption and all the presentations of safety of his successful antecesora.
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