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One bike, two personalities

The DSR’s responsive engine and powerful, 5-speed transmission increase fuel efficiency to power you through the morning commute or your favorite off-road sweet spots. Whether you’re spraying sand high and wide on a hairpin switchback or dodging traffic in the urban underbrush, you’re sure to have control with both tires firmly on the road. Pressure point reduction from the bike’s suspension system stabilizes the DSR on uneven terrain, providing better handling and responsiveness throughout the ride.
A reliable joyride in a take-no-prisoner exterior.

It’s chassis is loosely robust, simple cradle split at the height of the crankcase, made of round steel tubes. Its unique shape is designed to provide the highest strength possible and delivers exceptionally linear performance for excellent bump absorption and awesome cornering ability.
Responsive engine and powerful, 5-speed transmission.

The aesthetic renovation also seen with it’s new revolutionary design. A new aluminum rear grille maintains the aerodynamic integrity of the rear bumper. The sharp angles of the fuel tank and carved side tank fins design are streamlined to offer the rider more protection and comfort.
AllGrip® Seat
Providing better handling and maneuvering.

The brakes feature a front disc and rear drum brake, both delivering exceptional stopping power. The front brake caliper includes dual pistons capable of generating sufficient pressure for immediate braking. In case of having to require heavy braking, the combination of both front and rear guarantees a total reliable stop without the loss of control or handling.
See way beyond the line of sight.

Defined as a dual-purpose motorcycle. It’s striking modern headlight, with beauty and personality. Features a powerful light for night riding improving visibility and safety, allowing you to explore new, unknown paths. The rear brake light features a spectacular wide stop lens to emit an intense flash of light that indicates when the brakes are applied.
Comfort during the rough and rugged times.

For those who can’t sit still, who pray for mud, who take the extra-long way home – UM gives you the DSR accompanied with the new ALLGRIP ® non-slip lined saddle that helps the rider and passenger to remain in place during that rugged ride.
Front Suspension
Rear Suspension
Control with both tires firmly on the road.

Oil-damped telescopic fork. Includes bellows system for the protection of the forks. It’s large diameter and low thickness, reduced weight makes the DSR’s suspension favorable for a reduction on the pressure points resulting in better handling and overall response.
Dodge traffic in the urban underbrush.

The DSR comes equipped with a monoshock swing arm system that helps stabilization while traveling on less than perfect conditions while maintaining optimal performance through chicanes and switchback. Most importantly, maintaining a total connection between the tire and ground especially when the streets are full of unexpected surprises.
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