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Tough, versatile and ready to work.

No nonsense, no compromises. The Duty is everything a Renegade needs to seize the highway in style and safety. A state-of-the-art, 360-degree LED system and blindspot mirrors take visibility to an innovative new level, while the anti-flat sealant keeps you on the warpath. Ride however you like – the Duty’s Comfort UMGel Seat will take just enough of the rough out of the rugged.
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Ride proud.

I pledge to be a Renegade - to live my legacy; to ride the trail I blaze for myself. I pledge to lead, but never to follow; to stand for independence, conviction, bravery, and self-determination, both on my bike and in my life. I pledge to live free. I pledge to respect the road, its rules and my fellow riders but never to fear them. I pledge to ride far and wide, to live with nerve, purpose, and identity.
Interchangeable Seat

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Details make all the difference…and we have an eye for detail. UM’s latest design statement is a sleek, LED logo that allows our customers to sport their UM pride, day or night.
LED 360

Anti Flat Sealant

You can now experience a long, sturdy bike ride without the worry of a flat tire from screws, glass or loose debris. This eco -friendly tire sealant not only improves safety, but also convenience. As this replaces the wheels balancers, which means the tire now has balancing properties.
LEDS 360º

Motorcyclist safety has become a large part of our innovations and a unique characteristic of UM motorcycles. Visibility is very important when riding a motorcycle from the first perspective to being seen by other drivers. Our 360 degrees illumination provides adequate lighting to enhance your safety and riding experience

Blind Spot Mirrors

Blind Spot view is one of the principle causes of motorcyclist accidents, especially when changing lanes or in urban terrain. You will now be able to drive with mirrors that have built in Blind Spots. So that you can have more confidence knowing your surroundings whilst changing lanes.
UMGel Seat
USB Charging
Comfort UMGel® Seat

UM has created the most ergonomic seats in the category providing comfort to our customers. The Inner channel eliminates unnecessary pressure points and the Gel Pad inserts provide the ultimate comfort for those rigorous rides on rough terrain.
USB Charging Port

The inclusive USB charging port is capable of charging your mobile devices as well as standard USB products whilst your on the move. Save time and hassle with the comfort of knowing your devices are charged at all times.
Perfect ergonomic triangle

World's most comfortable

We developed the Duty to provide you with the best possible comfort during long riding hours. The position and shape of the handlebars, footrests and seat height were designed to achieve a completely natural position while driving. Back straight, knees bent with an angle of 110 degrees and your hands rested on the handlebars will give you unparalleled comfort. Additionally the design of the seat is the widest in its class and with UMGel pad inserts it provides support to your hips.
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