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Rebels with a distinct cause.

UM is a motorcycle brand born in America and was first registered with the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office by its founders, the Villegas Family, in the early 2000's. It would be fair to say that UM's young history was marked by the family's patriarch, Mr. Octavio Villegas Llano, who since his early years, dreamt of creating transportation possibilities and was a great entrepreneur founding automotive plants, distribution companies of Asian vehicles and a wide range of transportation products from trolley buses to three wheelers. Inspired by the precarious living conditions of the Latin American population of the mid 20th Century, Mr. Villegas was always creating and offering transportation products and opportunities to the low and mid-income population, with the hope of changing their lives.
Crafting quality, exhilarating bikes that move our riders.

Since the early days of the UM brand, its founders realized that without innovation the brand would not reach the Company’s vision of making the motorcycle a central element in the life of it’s customers, it would simply remain as a transportation element no different from other brands. This is why, on the aesthetic side, an impressive design has been and will always be a main factor in the UM product’s essence. On the practical side, innovations in safety and comfort will be as important. The UM brand has its in-house design team and works with world-class design houses and designers to achieve its goal: to create an aspirational motorcycle affordable for all.
The feel of the ride.

Key innovations such as the LED 360 safety system, SAM and UM ComfortGel Seat have been created by UM’s engineers and designers with the only goal in mind of making the customer’s riding experience safer and more comfortable. A revolutionary wave of new innovations are on their way in the UM’s R&D Team so that in the coming years the UM brand can impact the lives of millions of customers that will always see in the UM products a distinctive sign of respect and understanding for their daily activities, bringing them productivity, pride and joy like no other motorcycle brand has ever done. For the UM family, the journey has just begun.
Pushing the boundaries of innovation.

At UM, we strive to be more than a world-class motorcycle company. By pushing the boundaries of innovation, by providing exhilarating design at affordable prices, by offering both reliable service and serious fun, we create something bigger than ourselves. We create a feeling shared by UM associates and riders alike worldwide – an energy of excitement and camaraderie that sets us apart from the status quo. It is this energy that brings us together and drives us to the cutting edge.
Good design is a combination of function, technology, human need & beauty to produce something different for the world.

UM aims to position itself as a world leader in the motorcycle industry, establishing a strong, reliable network of suppliers and distributors along the way. With every sale, every service, every new design, we take one more innovative step toward exceeding ‘traditional’ standards of quality, service, and price.
Join our world and discover the quality, service and unique experience.

UM provides high quality products with outstanding warranty coverage responsibly and effectively. We strive to ensure our customers receive consistent support and satisfactory after-sales service on all our distributors. To learn more about our warranty please contact your nearest distributor.
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